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Information Technology Services

Remote Computer Lab Access

Camosun has provided remote access for students to several computer labs from off-campus devices using Remote Desktop and Camosun’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).

All Camosun students have access to this service and may remotely use a computer workstation during their scheduled computer lab time.

How to connect to a Camosun computer lab workstation

Step 1: Connect to our Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To see the list of available computer workstations and access a workstation you must first connect to Camosun’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. Using a VPN allows students to securely access the available computer workstation list as well as their files and applications. Once the VPN service is connected, you are “virtually on campus”.

VPN Client Instructions Install the VPN Client

Step 2: Connect to an available workstation from the Computer Labs with Remote Access list

After signing in to the VPN Client use the Computer Labs with Remote Access list below to search for and select an available computer workstation in a computer lab. To review which computer workstations are available you will need to sign-in with your username and password.

To connect to a computer workstation you must use the Microsoft Remote Desktop application to connect from your device. This application is available and installed on your local Windows PC and is available for free from the Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, iOS App Store or Google Play.

Remote Desktop instructions

Step 3: Access your files

Once connected to a computer workstation you can connect to and access your files.

Please note, the college is moving away from the M: Drive and transitioning to Microsoft OneDrive for Students. Please consider signing up for your Student Office365 access.

Sign up for Office365 for Students

ITS Service Desk

Information Technology Services
For technical support please contact us:
Please use the link below

Computer Lab and Software Availability

The computer labs listed below may be booked for a specific course section and is intended for registered students. If a course section is scheduled in a particular computer lab room and you are not registered for the course you may be asked to log off.

Accessing remote computer labs is not required for Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud. This software is currently available to students and does not require remote access. Please see the software and other services page for more details.

Computer Labs with Remote Access

The computer labs listed below have been enabled for remote access to facilitate online learning for students. General purpose software will be available in all labs. Specific software geared towards Science, Technology and Engineering courses will be able in the CTEI and TEC labs. Please consult your course syllabus and/or with your instructor.

Important To access the links below you need to be connected to the VPN.

Example Legend

No more booked session for the remainder of the day

COMP42 Starts 1:30pm

The next session booked in this lab starts at the time identified. Only students registered in this class will be allowed to use these computers at that time. You could be bumped off the computer at this start time if you are not registered to be in the class.

COMP42 In Session

A booked class is currently in session, you will only be able to use these computers if you are registered for the class.

Lansdowne Campus

Ewing Building Fisher Building
E 100 Open F 264 Open
E 110 Open F 318 Open
E 112 Open F 358 Open
E 115 Open  
E 200 Open  
E 202 Open  
E 342 Open  

Interurban Campus

Centre for Business & Access Centre for Trades Education & Innovation Technologies Building
CBA 144 ELD064 Starts 8:30 am CTEI 124A Open TEC 145 Open
CBA 159 ELD042 Starts 10:30 am CTEI 124B Open TEC 147 ICS124 Starts 9:30 am
CBA 160 Open Jack White Building TEC 148 ICS120 Starts 9:30 am
  JWT 100D4 Open TEC 150 CIVE132 Starts 9:30 am
JWT 100D6 Open TEC 151 Open
Centre for Health and Wellness TEC 257 Open
CHW 133 Open TEC 273 Open

Specialty Labs

Important These labs are restricted to students registered in certain classes at all times.
Lansdowne Interurban
Y 107 Restricted in person only
CBA 119A Restricted
TEC 135 Restricted
Y 109 Restricted
CBA 124A Restricted
Y 307 Restricted
  TEC 186E Restricted
Y 311 Restricted
  TEC 204A Restricted
    TEC 205A Restricted
    TEC 227A Restricted
ELEN148 Starts 1:30 pm
    TEC 229A Restricted
ELEN186 Starts 1:30 pm
    TEC 259A Restricted

Workstation Settings

To ensure the security and safety of the computer workstations the following functionality has been disabled on our computer labs:

  • Access to local and external drives connected to the remote workstation.
  • Access to devices connected by USB to the remote workstation, e.g., printers and cameras.

Workstation Use and Time Limits

Please note the following:

  • Use of these remote computer workstations is governed by the Acceptable Technology Use policy.
  • When connecting to a workstation for the first time it may take a few minutes for the computer to sign you in. When possible please use the same workstation you have used in a previous session to reduce start up time.
  • To ensure the equitable use of the remote computer workstation you will be automatically logged off if you are idle for 45 minutes or have disconnected without signing off after 30 minutes.
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