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The Writing Centres

How can we help?

At our Writing Centres, you'll learn effective writing strategies and gain valuable skills
to help you write well in college:

  • Approach writing as a process, or series of steps.
  • Allow enough time for each step: planning, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.
  • Write summaries, critiques, arguments, research papers, reports, memos, business letters, etc.
  • Use the assignment guidelines to keep you on track.
  • Write for your intended audience.
  • Use a specific citation style to format your paper and cite your sources (APA, IEEE, etc.).
  • Organize and develop ideas to support your main point.
  • Present ideas concisely using simple, concrete language.
  • Understand grammar and punctuation rules.
  • Use effective editing and proofreading techniques.

Writing Centre consultants are ready to help! Make an appointment today.

If you are unable to access our online booking system or have questions about it, please email

The Writing Process


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