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Camosun offers many programs and courses that are fully online and have no face-to-face classes. We also offer courses that are primarily online but may include an on-campus orientation and/or exam.


Take a fully online program through Camosun and study from anywhere.

Program Credential Length School
Applied Project Management Certificate 14 weeks Business/Continuing Education
Local Government Administration Certificate varies Business
Managing for Government Advanced Diploma 2 years, part-time Business
Music Technologies Certificate 1 year Arts & Science/VCM
Professional Cook 1 and 2 (E-PPRENTICE) Certificate 6 months Trades & Technology

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Finding Online Courses on myCamosun

To find a list of online sections, use Search for Classes on myCamosun and select Online in the Location field.

Check the Section Name & Information and Meeting Information columns for details, including on-campus orientations, exams or technical requirements.

Note: If you're searching for past offerings, use the locations "Off Campus - DE BCcampus" or "Off Campus - DE" to find courses offered online prior to the Winter 2018 term.

Finding Blended Courses on myCamosun

To find blended courses that incorporate both online and on-campus elements, use Search for Classes on myCamosun. Check Section Name & Information column for section numbers that begin with B (i.e. CMNS-150-B01).

Offerings vary depending on term. The following courses are a sampling of the courses which have been offered online over the past year.

To register for credit courses you first need to apply to a college program. Check out our flexible university transfer options.

Course Course Name School
ABT 270 Maintaining an Online Presence Business
ACCT 110 Financial Accounting 1 Business
ACCT 111 Financial Accounting 2 Business
ACCT 161 Financial Management Business
ACCT 210 Financial Accounting 3 Business
ACCT 211 Financial Accounting 4 Business
ACCT 240 Taxation/Financial Planning Business
ACCT 250 Professional Accounting Software Business
ACCT 330 Government & NPO Accounting Business
ACCT 380 Auditing 1 Business
ACCT 385 Internal Auditing Business
ACCT 480 Applied Professional Practice Business
ANTH 104 Introduction to Anthropology Arts & Science
BUS 130 Business Communications Business
BUS 140 Business Information Technology Business
BUS 145 Business Data Analysis Business
BUS 150 Introduction to Management Business
BUS 210 HR Management Foundations Business
BUS 215 Agreement Seeking at Work Business
BUS 325 Human Resources Management System Business
BUS 421 Strategic HR Management Business
CMNS 105 Communication and Technology Blended Online Arts & Science
CMNS 130 Mass Media Communication Blended Online Arts & Science
CMNS 165 Persuasive Writing for the Web Blended Online Arts & Science
CRWR 152 Introduction to to Creative Nonfiction Arts & Science
CRWR 154 Introduction to Fiction Arts & Science
DIME 116 Digital Production 2 Blended Online Arts & Science
DIME 126 Graphic Communication 2 Blended Online Arts & Science
ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies Arts & Science
ECON 210 Money and Banking Arts & Science
ELC 110 Developmental Perspectives 1 Health & Human Services
ELC 150 Health, Safety & Nutrition Health & Human Services
ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies Arts & Science
ENGL 161 Literary Genres Arts & Science
ENGL 250 Advanced Composition Arts & Science
FIN 210 Corporate Finance Arts & Science
GEOG 220 Natural Resource Systems Arts & Science
MARK 110 Introduction to Marketing Business
MARK 340 Communication Tools & Media Business
MARK 365 Consumer Behaviour Business
MARK 385 Services Marketing Business
MARK 440 Digital Marketing Business
MATH 052 Intermediate Mathematics 1 Access
MATH 053 Intermediate Mathematics 2 Access
MATH 058 Applied Math for Ship Construction and Stability Access
MATH 072 Advanced Mathematics 1 Access
MATH 073 Advanced Mathematics 2 Access
MOA 155 Medical Terminology Health & Human Services
MRAD 134 Legal & Professional Ethics Health & Human Services
MTEC 100 Introduction to Music Technologies Arts & Science/VCM
MTEC 210 Digital Notation and Scoring Arts & Science/VCM
MTEC 212 Music Sequencing and DAW Arts & Science/VCM
MTEC 214 Virtual & Software Instruments Arts & Science/VCM
MTEC 220 Music Recording: Fundamentals Arts & Science/VCM
MTEC 222 Digital Audio Mixing & Editing Arts & Science/VCM
MTEC 224 Introduction to Computer Music Arts & Science/VCM
MUSC 276 The Music Profession Arts & Science/VCM
PADM 112 Introduction to Public Administration Business
PADM 221 Planning in Government Business
PADM 227 Government Services Business
PADM 230 Public Finance in Canada Business
PADM 240 Law and Administration Business
PADM 260 Managing Multi-party Decisions Business
PSYC 110 Experimental Psychology Arts & Science
PSYC 130 Contemporary Issues Arts & Science
PSYC 164 Behaviour Management Arts & Science
PSYC 171 Human Development: Lifespan Arts & Science
PSYC 228 Health Psychology Arts & Science
PSYC 257 Intercultural Communication Arts & Science
PSYC 274 Child Development: Prenatal to Middle Childhood Arts & Science

Not what you're looking for? See the full list of everything Camosun offers.

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