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Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

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From awareness to action

Camosun’s Student Mental Health and Well-being Strategy was developed to advance the recognition of the importance mental well-being plays in our students’ college experience. The strategy provides a vision, foundation and comprehensive plan to create the awareness, conditions and actions required to support the mental health and well-being of students at Camosun.

Body, mind and spirit

The strategy incorporates two related concepts. It reflects the government of Canada definition of mental health:

"The capacities of each and all of us to feel, think and act in ways that enhance our ability to enjoy life and deal with the challenges we face. It is a positive sense of emotional and spiritual well-being that respects the importance of culture, equity, social justice, interconnections, and personal dignity."
Government of Canada, 2006

Personal well-being, in this context, refers to the nurturing and maintenance of "body, mind and spirit". Enhancing student well-being at college is influenced by a number of factors. It involves learning about mental health literacy, engaging in health promotion and resiliency strategies, creating health promoting policies, responsive mental health services and even designing spaces that encourage connection and positive student engagement.

The Strategy

The Student Mental Health and Well-being Strategy is made up of five categories:

Sexual Violence Support and Education

Camosun College is committed to creating and maintaining a healthy learning and working environment in which sexual violence and misconduct is not tolerated. The college understands that survivors of sexual violence or misconduct deserve support and to understand the options for resolution available to them under the college’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct policy.

Learn more about sexual violence support and education at Camosun.

Thrive Events

Thrive Events

Find out more about upcoming mental health and well-being events around campus.

Learn more

Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey

Learn more about the Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey

Student well-being
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