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At Camosun, we have identified six unique core and leadership capabilities. These capabilities help us focus on knowing, being, doing, and relating in ways that foster an environment that supports students on their path to success as life-long learners.


  • Create an inclusive, capability-based framework for consistency in decision-making and resource allocation
  • Identify core and leadership capabilities unique to Camosun.
  • Focus on knowing, being, doing, and relating in ways that foster an environment that supports students on their path to success as life-long learners.
  • Develop language that reflects the common culture of the Camosun community.
  • Provide the foundation for identifying and developing new strategic initiatives.

Download the full Capability Framework report PDF

Learn more about the Integration of Capabilities into the Employee Journey.

"A capability is the ability to perform or achieve certain actions or outcomes. As it applies to human capital, capability represents the intersection of capacity and ability."

Wikipedia,, accessed 02/06/17

Core and Leadership Capabilities

The core capabilities are required for all positions at the college. Additionally, all employees in positions with leadership responsibilities are required to demonstrate the three leadership capabilities.

These value-based capabilities will be included with the qualifications for each position and considered during the hiring process.


Core Capabilities

Student Focus

Definition: We all have a role to play in promoting and supporting students - directly or indirectly - contributing to their success, education and transition as they build their path to the future.

Sample Descriptors

  • Be a catalyst for success
  • Consider the impact on students when making decisions
  • Create a collaborative culture within and outside the classroom
  • Hold instructors and students capable
  • Model professionalism

Cultural Alignment

Definition: Inclusion and respect align with Camosun’s traditions of lifelong learning, and positive supportive experiences for everyone. As college employees working towards Indigenization, we examine our individual and organizational cultures and explore different ways of knowing, being, doing and relating. We welcome the richness and diversity of all.

Sample Descriptors

  • Acknowledge that culture is deeply rooted in tradition that is based on long-held values
  • Demonstrate openness and respect diversity
  • Recognize organizational culture
  • Support a culture of inclusion and respect
  • Value knowledge and experiences

Foster & Nurture Relationships

Definition: Fostering and nurturing relationships is at the core of everything we do. Successful workplace relationships take time to develop and include building trust, engagement and collaboration.

Sample Descriptors

  • Acknowledge that sustainable relationships are built on trust
  • Be authentic
  • Be present; listen, observe
  • Build confidence
  • Care about the whole person
  • Learn from colleagues
  • Look for and find strengths in others
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Take time to build relationships
  • Work as a team

Leadership Capabilities

Address College Needs

Definition: In order to address college needs leaders recognize and respond to the complex, diverse and interdependent components. Leaders inspire others to work individually and collaboratively to achieve departmental, divisional, college and sectoral goals.

Sample Descriptors

  • Champion the strategic priorities of the college
  • Identify, develop and implement strategies to achieve goals
  • Inspire and support others to work individually and collaboratively to achieve broader college and sectoral goals
  • Lead by example
  • Recognize the characteristics that are unique and common across the college

Enable Self & Others

Definition: To better serve students and the college to achieve success, leaders enable self and others to take responsibility, and to participate in learning and development opportunities.

Sample Descriptors

  • Acknowledge and value employee contribution
  • Be receptive to requests for personal growth and professional development
  • Consider diverse opinions and approaches
  • Create opportunities for others to share and integrate ideas, and new knowledge
  • Demonstrate trust and confidence in others
  • Enable others to make choices and be accountable
  • Inform others how their work contributes to the success of the college
  • Lead by example
  • Promote knowledge creation
  • Provide encouragement and support in order to excel
  • Share information and promote opportunities for college–wide initiatives including learning and development.
  • Support others to align their learning and development with college strategies

Create Time & Space

Definition: To be at our best and achieve organizational goals, we need both time and space. Time and space as a unitary concept promotes opportunities to listen, plan, think, create, innovate and develop relationships.

Sample Descriptors

  • Create concepts and opportunities
  • Develop trust and relationships
  • Encourage and promote innovation
  • Listen intentionally
  • Plan strategically, operationally and tactically
  • Think in order to process and make informed decisions
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