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Sexual Violence Support and Education

Camosun Processes

The Student Support Manager is responsible for providing support to any student in a timely manner, under the Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy. This overview shows the processes and services available to any student, in the order in which they normally occur.


Disclosure is the point at which a student makes it known to a Camosun employee, that they have experienced or witnessed sexual violence or misconduct. Camosun employees are required to report all disclosures to the Office of Student Support. Camosun faculty and staff members are responsible for letting students know what supports are available to them, including: the Student Support Manager, the Counselling Centre and Campus Security.

Medical attention and safety

The person receiving the disclosure determines whether the student requires emergency medical attention, and confirms that they are safe. They refer the student to the appropriate urgent service and notify the appropriate personnel accordingly.

Referral for support and information

Any Camosun employee receiving the disclosure must refer the student to the Office of Student Support or on-campus services, such as counselling, student society or the Ombudsperson for support.

The Office of Student Support (or other services) discusses the situation with the student, providing information about different options for ongoing support and resolution of the situation. The student chooses which support is best suited to their situation. Together, they discuss whether academic accommodations are needed.

Options for resolution

Under the Camosun Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy, the student can choose from the following choices, in seeking a resolution to their situation.

Receive support and/or accommodation, but make no report to the college

If you have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct, you can receive support from the college.

  • In this option, you choose not to make a formal report to the college describing their situation.
  • You can receive the services of the Office of Student Support, counselling or other supports and accommodations as necessary.

Make a report to the college

If you have experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct, you can submit a report of the incident to the college.

  • A report does not constitute a complaint or request for action on the part of the college, but it is an official record that the incident has occurred.
  • Reports are filed with Camosun's Director of Student Affairs.
  • To complete a report for submission, please contact the Office of Student Support.

Submit a complaint to the college

If you have experienced sexual violence or misconduct, you can make a formal complaint to the college, requesting that the college take action.

  • Depending on the information provided and the circumstances, an investigation and/or resolution process within the college may be initiated.
  • If you are unable to personally report an incident, you may request that someone you trust to initiate the complaint on your behalf.
  • Complaints involving a student and another student are filed with the Director of Student Affairs. Complaints involving a student and an employee are filed with the Office of Student Support and with the Executive Director, Human Resources.
  • To submit a complaint about sexual violence or misconduct, please contact the Office of Student Support.

Report to the police

If you have experienced sexual violence or misconduct, you can make a report to the police, requesting that the police pursue criminal charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.

  • The police will take your statement, investigate the matter, and determine if there is enough evidence to lay charges. The police and the Crown will require your participation in what can become a public process. It is not guaranteed that the perpetrator will face charges or be found guilty.
  • A student choosing to pursue this option may receive assistance from the Office of Student Support, the Counselling Department, or Campus Security.
  • The college will cooperate with any criminal investigation.

Withdrawing a complaint

A student complainant may withdraw their complaint to the college by making a written request to the Office of Student Support.

Upon receipt of the request to withdraw, the complaint process will cease and the parties will be notified. In cases where it is deemed that an investigation must proceed, this process may be superseded.


Students who wish to file a dispute about the reporting or investigation process can contact the Vice President, Student Experience in writing. Disputes about sanctions imposed for violation of the policy must be addressed through the appeal procedures associated with the policy.

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