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Programs to take if you're interested in Communications

Camosun offers flexible programs that give you the chance to explore your passion for Communications. Communications skills are also an essential foundation for all college studies and career paths.

Related Programs
Program Credential Description Length School
Arts and Science Studies Diploma For this diploma, you'll need to complete 20 university transfer courses (60 credits). At least 14 courses must be offered by the School of Arts and Science. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to study courses of your choosing. 2 years Arts & Science
Associate of Arts Degree in English Associate Degree This a two-year, full-time program that will allow you to transfer to the third year of an Communications degree program at any university in British Columbia. You'll take courses with classmates whose goals and interests are similar to yours. When you graduate, you'll receive a credential that will be recognized by many employers and universities. 2 years Arts & Science
Comics and Graphic Novels Certificate Helps you bring your passion for telling stories through your writing and drawing to a journey of life-changing learning. You will develop interdisciplinary skills in fiction and nonfiction writing, script writing, drawing for comics and graphic novels, storytelling layout, and character design; and will learn the essentials of publishing to help you manage a career as a visual storyteller. 1 year Arts & Science
Digital Communication Certificate

In this program you'll study how digital communication impacts society. You'll explore the ways communication influences and reflects society and culture, and the role that digital technology has in the communication process.

1 year Arts & Science
Digital Production, Writing and Design Certificate This certificate program will help you understand the ways in which we use digital media tools to create products to be used in a variety of ways. The program includes 10 courses that provide a broad base of applied digital production, design and web writing skills, and theoretical knowledge. 1 year Arts & Science
University Transfer n/a The UT program is highly customizable, offering up to two full years of transfer credit in more than 30 subject areas. varies Arts & Science
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