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Indigenous Education & Community Connections

Indigenous Seats in Health & Human Services Programs

Interested in Nursing, Practical Nursing, or Early Learning & Care?

For a limited time each year, Camosun College offers priority seating for qualified Indigenous students in Nursing, Practical Nursing, and Early Learning & Care. Prioritizing admissions for Indigenous students helps to meet critical health and child care needs in urban and rural Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Limited Priority Admissions process, approved by the Board of Governors, supported by the Education Council, and approved by the BC Human Rights Tribunal, welcomes applications from all qualified Indigenous applicants.

How to apply:

  • Check "yes" on the Indigenous self-identification box in the application.
  • Meet the program requirements.
  • Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant with proof of Landed Immigrant Status and must be 18 years of age or older by December 31st of your first academic term.
  • You will be contacted by the Indigenous Support Coordinator after your application is processed by Admissions.
  • You will learn about the services available to Indigenous students and will be invited to provide information that documents your Indigenous heritage.
  • Once the priority seats have been filled, Indigenous applications will go through the regular admissions process.
  • Any questions about the application process, please contact Faye Martin, HHS Indigenous Support Coordinator,

Acceptable documentation includes:

  • a certified copy of a Status or Treaty card
  • a certified copy of a Métis card
  • a certified copy of a Nunavut Trust Certification card, roll number of any other proof accepted by Inuit communities
  • a certified copy of a Nisga'a card
  • proof that an ancestor's name has been entered in the Indian Register according to the Indian Act or on the Band list of an individual Indian Band or on the Inuit roll
  • evidence that an ancestor received a land grant or scrip grant under the Manitoba Act or the Dominion of Canada Lands Act
  • written confirmation of ancestry from Indigenous Services Canada
  • written confirmation of membership in a Band by a Band Council or Tribal Council which has enacted its own membership code
  • a declaration by the applicant attesting to Indigenous ancestry, supplemented by letters supporting the declaration from an official of a recognized Indigenous organization
  • a certified copy of official documentation attesting to membership in a Native American tribe

Priority admissions applies to the following programs:

Priority seats for Indigenous applicants are held until eight weeks prior to the beginning of the program. All unused seats are returned to the regular applicant pool.

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