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School of Business

About the School

At Camosun College's School of Business, our mission is to help you develop the knowledge, skills and values necessary to succeed in a changing business world.

Vision, Mission and Values


To be a School of Business recognized for the success of our students and the quality of our programs.


The School of Business at Camosun College develops graduates with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to be successful in a changing business world.

Shared Values

As faculty, staff and students in the School of Business we achieve our Mission by working together to promote competence, professionalism and integrity. Our approach to learning and doing business is based on the following shared values:

  • Respect For OthersRespect for others and the development of positive, constructive relationships are essential elements of successful business and personal behaviour.  We understand and accept differences among classmates and colleagues, provide constructive feedback, contribute equitably to group work, and are punctual to meetings and classes.
  • Commitment To Quality and Continuous Improvement - We are committed to ensuring the School of Business is a stimulating place to learn and work.  Together, we meet the needs of students and employees in a changing business world by designing and delivering excellent programs.  We strive for high standards of performance in our teaching and learning.
  • Personal Integrity – We can be relied upon to meet our commitments and carry out our responsibilities as colleagues and students.  We share a commitment to open process and professional practice.  We avoid conflicts of interest and respect others' confidentiality and privacy.
  • Accountability – We share a commitment to active learning and integrate practical business applications in our courses.  We provide co-op work experiences where feasible in our programs.  We are prepared for classes and meetings.  We work with our fellow students and colleagues in teams when required to achieve course, program or departmental objectives.  We do our own work when given an assignment.

Our History

In 1971, Lorne Thompson, the first Director (Dean), was instrumental in establishing diploma programs in Business Studies at Camosun College. The School of Business assumed responsibility for Office Careers programs and launched the first year of the Business Administration Diploma Program in 1971.

Faculty included Peter McNeil (coordinator), Hector Duprey, Brian Killip, Jack Guthrie and Blane McIntosh. Office Careers faculty included Joyce Brake, George Lewis and Estelle Inman among others. These and other faculty members took the initiative under Lorne's leadership to develop the Camosun flavour and reputation for quality programs that meet the needs of the students and the business community.

The school graduated students in office programs in 1971 and 1972, and in 1973 the first graduating class of 23 students from Business Administration programs went on to successful careers as business owners, partners in accounting firms, as managers of local businesses, as bankers, and as senior administrators with various levels of government.

Since 1973 there have been thousands of graduates in Office, Business and Hospitality programs. These graduates have pursued careers in Victoria, British Columbia and abroad. These graduates reflect the on-going success of the School of Business.

Avery Graham

"The knowledge I gained at Camosun has enabled me to be where I am today. I couldn't run a business without knowing the foundations."

Avery Graham
Bachelor of Business Administration and 2013 Promising Alumna

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