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Camosun Overseas Arriving Student Quarantine Plan

International Students Travelling to Canada

Updated: March 11, 2021

This information is for all new and current Camosun students who are currently outside of Canada and who are planning to travel to Canada to study at Camosun College. If you are making plans to come to Canada please let us know by emailing Camosun International. Students who are currently in Canada and planning to travel abroad should review this information and contact us as well.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there are travel restrictions that limit travel to Canada. Additionally, all travellers to Canada must self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Canada. Travellers, including Camosun College international students, who are arriving in Canada must have a quarantine plan.

Camosun College strongly recommends that all international students planning to travel to Canada clearly understand the Government of Canada and BC Government laws and regulations before making travel plans. Please note that Government of Canada and BC Government restrictions and regulations are subject to change. Please consult with the government websites for the most up-to-date information.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 Safety Plan applies to Camosun College employees and students. Due to health risks posed by exposure to COVID-19, it is mandatory that all employees and students take reasonable actions to eliminate or minimize their exposure to the virus to reduce the likelihood of transmission. This is a living document and as new information or best practices around COVID-19 are learned this document will be updated. The most current copy of the college’s COVID-19 Safety Plan is available here.


  1. You must not have any COVID-19 symptoms. Our quarantine support plan is only for students who are asymptomatic.
  2. Review the current information on Travel Restrictions.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Flying to Canada Checklist.
  4. Send an email to Camosun International,, to tell us you are planning to travel to Canada.
  5. Make arrangements for pre-entry, arrival and Day-10 tests.
  6. Arrange self-isolation location including the first 3-night stay at a Government approved hotel at your arrival city.
  7. Submit your Quarantine Plan to the Government of Canada through ArriveCan.
  8. Submit your BC Self-Isolation Plan to the BC Government and to Camosun International,
  9. Read “For travellers without symptoms of COVID-19 returning to Canada -” carefully and confirm your understanding of Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) requirements.

Medical Insurance

It is extremely important that you have medical insurance coverage.

New Students: Make sure you have your Guard.Me medical insurance with you. We will provide you with this information. You must apply for BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) as soon as you arrive in Canada.

Returning/Current Students: Make sure your MSP coverage is active and valid.

Government of Canada - Laws and Regulations

Before you make any travel plans, it is extremely important for you to know if you are allowed to travel to Canada. For detailed information on who can travel to Canada please visit COVID-19: Travel, quarantine and borders. Camosun College students who hold a valid study permit or who have received a study permit approval are now able to travel to Canada providing that they meet certain requirements. You must be enrolled at Camosun College and travel to Canada to start and/or continue your studies.

On March 25, 2020, the Government of Canada implemented a self-isolation requirement for returning international travelers under the Quarantine Act. For Government of Canada information for travelers arriving in Canada please visit Mandatory Quarantine - Government of Canada

BC Government - Laws and Regulations

On March 17, 2020, the BC Provincial Health Officer issued a self-isolation order directing people returning to, or arriving in, B.C. from international destinations, to self-isolate. For information about the BC Government order please visit: Self-Isolation - BC Government. Please email your Self-Isolation Plan to Camosun International,

Quarantine and Self-Isolation Plans

Camosun international students travelling to Canada must submit the following documents for approval:

Note: We recommend that you connect with us before booking your flights. Please provide us with a copy of your study permit and/or letter of invitation along with a copy of your entry visa or eTA, if applicable.

Timing of travel to Canada

It is important that you travel to Canada within a reasonable time period. Students who are enrolled in the current semester must make sure that your travel plans and self isolation period do not affect your studies negatively. Please review your course outlines carefully, note your assignment dates and requirements, and plan accordingly.

If you will be traveling to Canada to start your studies in a future semester we recommend that you travel after you have registered in courses. This will help show border officers that your enrolment is confirmed at our institution.

Please keep in mind that every student must be registered in classes at the time of their travel. If you are taking a break from studies we recommend that you travel to Canada closer to your next semester start date.

Expedited study permit processing at Vancouver International Airport

New students with a Letter of Invitation confirming study permit approval can now access expedited study permit processing at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Please fill out the “Expedited Processing Submission Form” a minimum of 72 hours in advance of your arrival at YVR. In order to be eligible for this new process your initial entry into Canada must be at the Vancouver International Airport (you cannot connect to YVR through a domestic flight).

Self-isolate in Victoria

Camosun College is one of the DLIs approved to accept international students traveling to Canada and has a COVID-19 readiness plan approved by the Province of British Columbia. Based on this plan, all students must self isolate in Victoria after completing their initial 3-night stay at a Government approved hotel; and, it is not possible for Camosun College students to self isolate in any other city.

Transportation from the Victoria Airport to your quarantine location

The Government approved hotel for your 3-night stay will arrange your transportation from the airport to the hotel. Please follow the instructions provided to you by your hotel. Once you successfully complete this initial stay you are required to travel to Victoria by ferry or plane to complete the remainder of your quarantine. It is a requirement that you follow the health and safety guidelines during transportation for everyone’s safety. We recommend that you arrange to travel by taxi from the Victoria International Airport or from the Victoria Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal to your quarantine location. Some local Victoria taxi companies include:

Letter of Support

Camosun College can issue letters of support to international students planning to travel to Canada. First, students traveling to Canada must send us an email with a copy of your BC Self-Isolation Plan. We will then send you the following:

New Students:

  • Travel to Canada Letter of Support
  • Letter of Acceptance

Returning/Current Students:
  • Travel to Canada Letter of Support
  • Letter of Enrolment
  • Transcript

Travellers: Download the ArriveCAN app

(iOSAndroid, or web format)
Download this mobile application prior to your arrival to reduce wait times at Canadian ports of entry and to limit points of contact.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The most current copy of the college’s COVID-19 Safety Plan is available here.

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