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Indigenization - Strategic Initiatives

Indigenization is the process by which Indigenous ways of knowing, being, doing and relating are incorporated into educational, organizational, cultural and social structures of the institution.

The goal is to create a more inclusive environment through the presentation of a different world view, and to enhance and enrich the educational and cultural experience of the educational community. This does not mean the institution is Indigenous-centred, but it does mean that consideration of Indigenous issues comes "naturally".

The purpose of Indigenization at Camosun College is to:

  • develop and implement practices that ensure that Indigenous students see themselves and their realities reflected in curriculum and service
  • ensure that non-Indigenous students leave the college with skills and knowledge that enable them to work with and live alongside their Indigenous neighbours knowledgeably and respectfully.

Values and Beliefs

The foundational values and beliefs that underlying Indigenous educational practices at Camosun College include:

  • The primary purpose of education is to help the learner become solid in his/her identity – to know his/her self deeply and to act with integrity. This applies to learners at all ages/stages of life;
  • Each of us has gifts to offer to our community and it is the educator's role to facilitate and encourage the development of each learner’s gifts;
  • Establishment of strong relationships between teacher and students and amongst the learners is valued. Each teacher knows students well enough to support & challenge them effectively;
  • It is recognized that we are all teachers and we are all learners;
  • Service to others is a foundational component of education;
  • Creative expression is a foundational component of education;
  • Spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental balance is emphasized;
  • Learners accept responsibility for their own learning, personal growth and the well-being of interpersonal relations through reflection on their thought patterns and behaviours, and through observation of how well they get along with others. They make adjustments as required.

Adapted list from "Reclaiming Warrior Spirit: Foundations for a Holistic First Nations Education Program" MA Thesis by Corrine Michel (2006)

Learn more about Indigenization at Camosun.

Indigenizing Curriculum and Teaching Practice

TELŦIN TŦE WILNEW – Understanding Indigenous Peoples

TELŦIN TŦE WILNEW (TTW) is an award winning, blended delivery course which provides insight into an Indigenous world view; describes the impact of colonization and how it affects students attending the college today; and guides participants in the development of new teaching and learning methods. 

It provides opportunities for you to work online using Desire2Learn (D2L) as well as face to face (F2F) in discussion groups with Indigenous facilitators. The sessions occur over a period of 5 weeks. You should expect to commit approximately 4 hours per week to complete the course.

Learn more and register for TTW.

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