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Student Mental Health and Well-being Strategy

The Strategy

Enhancing student well-being at college is influenced by a number of factors. It involves learning about mental health literacy, engaging in health promotion and resiliency strategies, creating health promoting policies, responsive mental health services and even designing spaces that encourage connection and positive student engagement.

The Student Mental Health and Well-being Strategy is made up of five categories:

Policies, Procedures and Practice

Camosun will apply a “mental health lens” in the creation of new, and the review and revision of existing, college policies, practices and procedures. This will ensure the promotion and maintenance of optimal student mental well-being at the college.

The college will accomplish this by:

  • Creating communication and messaging related to the importance of student mental well-being.
  • Reviewing existing policies related to student mental health, diverse ability access and support, student conduct, involuntary health and safety withdrawal and critical incident response and explore gaps exist in policy areas.
  • Embedding language related to student mental well-being in educational curriculum
  • Reviewing program entry, exit and re-entry criteria and skill practice evaluation procedures with respect to ensuring fair treatment for students with mental health challenges.

Supportive Campus Environment and Student Connections

Camosun will positively influence student mental health and well-being by creating an inclusive campus environment which is encouraging to student engagement and connections within the campus community.

The college will accomplish this by:

  • Attending to the design and renovation of college spaces to promote inclusivity and flexibility.
  • Promoting student connections and increasing student engagement on campus, including the development of peer support type programs to promote student well-being.
  • Including students with mental health challenges and diverse abilities in all college community activities.

Mental Health Literacy, Engagement and Support

Camosun will engage the community in a process of valuing and initiating the recommended actions that promote student mental health and well-being, support students who are experiencing psychological distress, and connect them to campus services.

The college will accomplish this by:

  • Providing opportunities for employees and students to acquire mental health literacy and engage in mental health promotion activities.
  • Ensuring opportunities for students to learn and develop mental health resiliency strategies within their learning environments at college.
  • Members of the college community learning how to engage in helpful conversations with distressed students and connect them with college services.
  • Continuing collaboration between student and employee mental health promotion efforts.

Campus Mental Health Services

Our goal is to ensure adequate, accessible, effective, and interconnected campus mental health-related services are provided. These services will employ “best practice” knowledge and strategies in the support of students who are experiencing psychological distress.

The college will accomplish this by:

  • Distributing college mental health-related services information broadly.
  • Providing adequate service capacity and training opportunities for service providers in the Counselling Centre and the Centre for Accessible Learning.
  • Encouraging these service units to provide supportive consultation with employees who encounter distressed students.
  • Continuing the productive liaison between college mental health-related services and their professional discipline organizations and community mental health resources.

Supporting Students-at-risk and Responding to Crises

Camosun will develop and maintain effective and responsive processes and action-based supports for individual college “students-at-risk” and in the response to campus-based critical incidents, crises and threats, maintaining the safety of the campus community.

The college will accomplish this by:

  • Encouraging the College Safety Net Group to continue to develop processes and expand communication related to their function to ensure employees and deans are familiar with processes and comfortable with their role in managing student behaviour and mental health risk.
  • Urging the college to establish a transparent system, roles and procedures to respond to campus-based crises, critical incidents and broader threats.

Want more details?

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