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Institutional Research and Planning

Enrolment and Demographic Reports

Enrolment and demographic reports describe who our students are and what they are taking.  Reports describe student characteristics such as age and gender or how much activity they are taking and in what programs.  Reports also are included on who applies to our institution and how we go about getting them to do so.

Indigenous Student Demographics and Program Enrolments PDF

Provides enrolment and demographic information for Indigenous students attending Camosun College.

Age and Gender of Students PDF

An overview of gender, median and average student age by School or Centre.

Applicant Studies

Analyses of applicant profiles, marketing efforts, key decision factors, and branding reputation. Applicant Pyramids show applicant statuses in programs for the four most recent intakes.

Capacity & Enrolment Review by School and Discipline

Capacity and enrolment by discipline and school (current semester/quarter with comparisons to previous year).

Environmental Scan PDF

Summaries of regional population, student demographics, distributed education, the economy, education finance, and student outcomes.

Fall Intake Report

Fall applicant and enrolment data by program and school. This section is currently closed while a new version is being created for the Fall 2013 intake.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) and Headcount Enrolment for most recent Fiscal Year

Annual Fiscal Enrolment FTE and Headcounts broken down by school. Further separated into Headcount and FTE (excluding CE and International), Continuing Education, and International Education.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrolment Reports

Full-time Equivalent Enrolment Reports

International Education Report

International Education enrolments by program and country.

Market Profile

A visual summary of descriptive characteristics of Camosun students by school.

Student Transitions Project (STP) - High School to Post-Secondary Transitions

Post-Secondary Transitions from B.C. High School Graduation to B.C. Public Post-Secondary Education.
STP Regional Student Transition Matrices:

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