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About Camosun

Brand and Logo Guidelines

Our brand represents the essence of our core mission, values and strategic goals as an educational institution.

Using the Camosun College Brand

Camosun has developed a consistent brand to build a strong visual identity for the college. We ask that external partners and organizations follow our guidelines to ensure brand consistency. The following guidelines outline the proper usage of the logo and apply to all forms of communication (including advertising, websites and electronic media, signage and printed publications).


If your organization has questions about the logo and its usage, or you wish to create a print piece, webpage, or social media asset—please contact Camosun Communications at:

For Camosun employees

Camosun employees should consult the Brand Guidelines on the employee intranet site for additional information about using the Camosun brand for internal projects.

1. Camosun logo

The Camosun College logo is the college's official visual identity and part of our unique core brand. It supports the Camosun story and provides instant recognition to let audiences know that what they are reading or looking at is uniquely about Camosun College.

Camosun Communications, in partnership with Camosun Graphic Services, is responsible for managing the college logo and visual identity.

Please do not modify the Camosun logo, or create your own logo. Contact Communications for assistance incorporating our logo into your project.

Logo usage

The logo consists of the “CC swoosh” and the wordmark. Both elements must be used together as shown below and they must maintain adequate contrast and visibility in all applications (e.g. avoid using the logo on a patterned or brightly coloured background that would conflict or clash with the colour or legibility).

Camosun logo – Full colour

For use on all full color applications.

Camosun logo – Black

For use on newsprint or one colour applications with a light/white background.

Camosun logo – White/Reverse

For use on a black or dark coloured background to ensure adequate contrast.

2. Logo colours

Green and grey are the two official colours used in the Camosun logo and the colour values are given below. The logo may only appear in these official colours, or in the solid black or solid white depending on the application.

Inspiring Lime

CMYK: C-44 M-0 Y-100 K-7

RBG: R-145 G-190 B-55

PMS: 375C

HEX: #91BE37


CMYK: C-0 M-0 Y-0 K-80

RBG: R-90 G-90 B-90

PMS: 446C

HEX: #5A5A5A

3. Minimum size and clear space

Minimum size

The logo should not be reproduced smaller than 1" (2.54 cm) wide.

Note The logo must be enlarged or reduced proportionately—not stretched or distorted horizontally or vertically.

Clear space

For strength of brand identity, please follow the minimum space requirements shown here so that the logo is represented consistently and clearly.

The minimum space is equal to the height of the “C” in the word Camosun.


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