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Applied Learning

Mapping Project

The Applied Learning Mapping Project will provide students with an at-a-glance format to see where applied learning opportunities are available.

Arts & Science

Chemistry (CHEM)
Type Course Project Description
Applied research project*



Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) funded projects in partnership with local companies.

Consulting project

CHEM 224

Special lab projects

Work on an analytical-based project in collaboration with a company, government organization, or non-profit group.

CHEM 259

Environmental study

Collect water and sediment samples from local lakes and streams and carry out relevant chemical testing using the latest industry quality-assurance measures.


CHEM 290
CHEM 291

Co-op work term

Apply and extend academic knowledge while employed in an approved workplace setting.

Music (MUSC)
Type Course Project Description

MUSC 220
MUSC 221
MUSC 222
MUSC 224
MUSC 225

Assignments and assessments Give verbal notes from the stage regarding a chosen repertoire as part of a performance.
Creative performance

MUSC 104
MUSC 105
MUSC 204
MUSC 205
MUSC 260

Jury performance Perform 12-20 minutes of music on stage for an audience.

MUSC 106
MUSC 107
MUSC 108
MUSC 109

Term-end concert performance Perform a selected work for the class at term end.
MUSC 261 Jury and recital performance

Perform a 40-minute recital before the end of the term.

MUSC 265

Conducting performance project

Conduct either a school choir or orchestra at the end of the term.

MUSC 130
MUSC 131
MUSC 230
MUSC 231

Term-end concert performance As part of a Large Ensemble, perform on stage for an audience showcasing work done in various ensemble/team settings.

MUSC 132
MUSC 133
MUSC 232
MUSC 233

Term-end concert performance As part of a Small Ensemble, perform on stage for an audience showcasing work done in various small ensemble/team settings.

MUSC 216
MUSC 217

Term-end performance

Complete and perform a contemporary arrangement for a large ensemble.

MUSC 160
MUSC 161

Recital performance Perform a 12-20-minute self-produced recital before the end of term.

Creative project and performance

MUSC 143
MUSC 241

Song performance at term end Create and perform a personal original work.

Creative project

MUSC 212
MUSC 213

Compositional project

Write and perform a composition based on theoretical work done over the course of the term.

Skill development

MUSC 250
MUSC 252
MUSC 251
MUSC 253

Mock lesson

Acquire practical skills necessary to instructing beginner and intermediate students. Demonstrate skills in front of the class with a sample student.

Acquire practical skills necessary to instructing intermediate and advanced students. Demonstrate skills in front of the class with a sample student.

Various MUSC 276 Various projects 

Demonstrate learning through completion of various related aspects required by the business and profession of music such as field recordings, website URL registration and website development, SOCAN registration and contract writing.

*For more information, please contact Blair Surridge.


Accounting (ACCT/FIN)
Type Course Project Description
Clinic Tax courses

Community volunteer income tax program at Camosun

Prepare tax returns for Camosun College students.
Competitions Various Applied case competition

Compete internally in an applied case competition and in a BC wide case competition.


BUS 101
BUS 201
BUS 301

Co-op work term

Apply, extend and integrate academic or technical knowledge through relevant work experience with qualified organizations.

Course-based ACCT 110 Simulation

Perform an accounting cycle for a mock business including invoices, checks, etc.

Financial statement Analysis

Use real firms to analyze financial statements with trends and ratios.

ACCT 161 Real-life examples

Perform assignments and examples that mirror what a student would see while working in industry.

ACCT 207

Financial statement Analysis

Use real firms to analyze financial statements with trends and ratios.

Cost volume profit statement

Create a cost volume profit statement for the Camosun Food Truck.

ACCT 240
ACCT 480


Use Profile tax software to prepare tax returns for simulated people.

ACCT 385 Audit plan

Using auditing software, prepare an audit plan and audit a section of a company.

ACCT 480 Real-world assignments

Perform assignments that mirror what a student would see while working as an auditor, a tax preparer and working in industry.

FIN 210 Class discussions

Participate in discussions about a company’s decisions related to ethical violations, dividend policy, investment, etc.

FIN 310 Case study

Capital Budgeting Case exclusively using Excel.

Financial Planning Case exclusively using Excel.

Lab FIN 210

Efficient market hypothesis testing

Design an experiment to show that the efficient market hypothesis holds, use this hypothesis to select stocks and your own method and compare the results of performance.

Marketing (MARK)
Type Course Project Description
Consulting Project MARK 110 Marketing plan Work on a marketing plan for a non-profit or small business.
MARK 220 Integrated marketing communications plan Complete an integrated marketing communications plan for a local organization or event.  
MARK 235 Sales call for client Venture into the community on behalf of a non-profit.
MARK 360 Sustainable marketing plan Evaluate the social and environmental applications of a business.
MARK 365 Consumer behaviour analysis Analyze and evaluate customer behaviour for a small business.
MARK 420 Project management Use project management practices to design and implement a service-learning project for an international not-for-profit organization.
MARK 440 Social media analysis Analyze web presence and social media strategies for small business, government or non-profit.
MARK 465 Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing Develop a strategic business marketing plan by collaborating with a local organization.
Co-op BUS 301 Co-op work term Alternate academic study with paid work terms to gain workplace experience.
Research Project MARK 220 Marketing research Complete an applied market research project to support decision-makers with useful information.
Work Experience MARK 499 Unsupervised work term Self-directed work, volunteer or project experience.

Health & Human Services

Dental (DENA/DHYG)
Type Course Project Description
Community service learning

DENA 142
DHYG 281
DHYG 371
DHYG 381

Public clinic

Provide preventive dental care to children and adults in the Camosun College dental clinic.


Low-cost dental clinic

Work alongside a dentist providing restorative dental services to clients.

Perinatal clinic

Provide free dental care to young mothers.

Field school Various

Field school in Mexico

Travel to Mexico and provide care to the residents of the local community.

International exchange Various Dental hygiene program in Japan

Go to school in Japan for one week as part of an exchange program.


DENA 171
DENA 172
DENA 173

Community dental office

Gain six weeks of practicum experience in a general dentistry office.

Trades & Technology

Mechanical Engineering (ENGR/MENG)
Type Course Project Description
Consulting project MENG 295 Final capstone project

Produce a working prototype or finished product. Start with an idea based on a problem, develop a conceptual solution, and then develop the concept into a working design. Collaborate and communicate with clients, businesses and each other while solving real-world engineering problems.


MENG 104
MENG 204
MENG 304

Work experience Participate in co-operative education work terms to gain up to twelve months of paid industry experience.
Course-based MENG 152 Mechanical CAD project

Using standard industry engineering document practices, deliver a complete "manufacturing-ready" drawing package. Use these deliverables for future job applications to demonstrate readiness to become productive members of a company's engineering team.

MENG 171 Assessment and improvement

Assess a community-based product for its materials selection and identify potential design improvements.

ENGR 175 Assess a community-based product for its static load carrying capacity and identify potential design improvements.
ENGR 293 Mechanical project

Working in teams and following standard engineering design practice, produce a working prototype to solve a real-world problem.

Creative practice MENG 293 Social Responsibility project

Design and bring to a final prototype stage a social responsibility project demonstrating applications of engineering for the betterment of society.

Nautical (NAUT)
Type Course Project Description
Course-based SVOP

Chart work

Learn to tie four knots and how to use charts and navigation equipment.

Creative performance


Role playing exercises

Role-play with classmates realistic situations of shipboard life. Manage challenges, authority, responsibility, and discipline.

LTW Role playing exercises

Role-play with classmates realistic situations of shipboard life such as team work, organization, human situations, and responsibility.


ECDIS operation

With the use of the marine simulator, operate an ECDIS on several voyages to the Seattle, San Francisco, and Baltimore areas.


Operational Training

With the use of the marine simulator, position own ship with several different systems.


Collision Avoidance

With the use of models, experience collision avoidance techniques and safe procedures to follow with the international regulations.


Float tank experiments

With the use of a model and float tank, determine underwater volumes and other stability data.


Practical Voyages

With the use of the marine simulator, operate a vessel in a variety of situations such as fog, heavy seas, narrow channels, and high traffic.

Field experience DVS

Fire fighting
Marine survival

Use extinguishers to control three fires. Practical fire hose handling in the pool work with survival suits, life jackets, and life rafts.

Professional/technical skills development NAUT CP2

Voyage planning
Sextant Use

Use a marine sextant to measure vertical and horizontal angles.


Mechanical advantage

Use ropes and pulleys to mechanical advantage and loads of lifting equipment.


Weather data measurement

Use equipment to accurately measure weather data.

"I love the idea of experiential or applied learning. The more that the college gets behind and supports those things, I think the stronger student base we'll be sending out into the working world or onto universities."

~Tommy Happynook Jr, Centre for Indigenous Education & Community Connections, Camosun College

Where will applied learning take you?

screenshot of custom map showing past Camosun applied learning sites
Camosun students are working in communities locally and globally! View our map of the growing list of locations highlighting past applied learning experiences.

Environmental Technology surveying onsite for Parks Canada on the slope of Mosquito Creek. She collected data on the threatened westslope cutthroat trout for the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network.

We need your help! Share your applied learning experiences

This site is an evolving resource. If you have any applied learning experiences that would be interesting for other faculty and staff to learn about, please share them! Your participation will make this site a more robust and useful tool for the Camosun community and beyond.

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